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Entry Requirements

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Valid passports are recommended for travel but where not readily available, US citizens and resident Aliens in the US, and Canadian citizens may enter Jamaica as bona fide tourists, providing they fulfill the following requirements :

US Citizens

  • a valid passport

Canadian Citizens

  • a valid passport

Canadian Residents

  • a valid passport
  • a travel document and a valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

Cruise Passengers

Cruise Passengers of any nationality who intend to remain in the island during the stay of the vessel by which they arrived and to depart on the same vessel, are not required to hold visa.

Other Foreign Nationals

All applicants within this category requiring tourist visas must apply through the High Commission or Consulate and produce the following:

  • National’s Passport (valid for (six [6] months minimum)
  • Completed visa application Form “J” (to be submitted in duplicate)
  • Two(2) recent passport photograph (frontal view)
  • Valid re-entry visa to Canada or Canadian Permanent Residence Card or proof of having satisfied entry requirements for onward destination (visas, tickets) if not returning to Canada
  • Required visa fee (cash or money order only)
  • Itinerary

(N.B.: Taiwanese Nationals are required to complete a form of Affidavit of Identity, to which the approved visa will be affixed and submit an extra passport photograph in addition to the above mentioned. The affidavit form is supplied by the High Commission/Consulate. Taiwanese Nationals are not allowed to enter Jamaica on their passports. The visa is issued on the Affidavit of Identity and is required for entry into Jamaica. Taiwanese nationals are however advised to travel with their passports and other documents which may be needed for their onward destinations).

Commonwealth Citizens

With the exception of Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka, holders of passports issued by countries of the British Commonwealth do not require entry visas for Jamaica. The following however, must be produced:

  • National Passport (valid for six [6] months minimum)
  • Valid re-entry visa for Canada or Canadian Permanent Resident Card;OR
  • Proof of financial support for duration of visit
  • Acceptable documentation regarding visits for business/commercial, educational, or employment purposes.e.g., correspondence on company letterhead from business contact in Jamaica;letter of acceptance from educational institute where visitor plans to study;letter confirming job offer.
  • Itinerary

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