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I am delighted to assume the role of Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto at a time such as this when Jamaicans at home and abroad joyfully anticipate the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence which marks the significant landmark that changed our status from being a colony of Britain to being a self-governing nation.

It is a wonderful privilege to serve in this the economic and commercial capital of Canada where close to  75% of Jamaican-Canadians reside. Jamaican immigrants and persons of Jamaican descent have over many decades served this Province of Ontario in various capacities including the role of Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Speaker of the Ontario House of Representatives, Member of the Federal Senate, Ministers of the Provincial Cabinet, MPP’s, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cultural Icons, and Civil Rights Advocates to name a few; and persons of Jamaican descent are among Canada’s most outstanding and productive entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, professionals, workers and philanthropists:

Toronto is a key partner in Jamaica’s development and Jamaica has played a key role in advancing the City of Toronto. We share a common motto expressed in different ways. The Torontonian motto “Diversity our Strength” is expressed in the Jamaican motto “Out of many One People” The formation of the Jamaican Canadian Association in 1962 is symbolic of our shared history. It is in this great spirit of enduring friendship and partnership with the City of Toronto that I seek to work with officials, peoples and communities to advance the cause and interest of Jamaica and Jamaicans during my tenure.

Seth George Ramocan

Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto

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